Electronic Cigarettes vs Traditional Cigarettes

e-cigarette-vs traditionalE-cigarettes just look so futuristic. Everywhere you go, there’s bound to be someone smoking an e-cig or vaporizer, puffing on a small machine that fulfills their nicotine craving without the rest of the world smelling it. On the flip side, there are many who prefer the traditional feeling of a cigarette between their lips, and the smell of nicotine filling the air. Each method of smoking has its own pros and cons, which is what we’ll cover here.

First off though, let’s define them: cigarettes are traditionally tobacco or a tobacco product rolled up into smoking papers. To smoke a regular cigarette, the user lights the end of it and takes a long drag to get it started. These cigarettes last for minutes at a time. E-cigarettes are more commonly known as vaporizers, or vapes for short, and they’re built using a system of gears, rods, and tubes. The material that is to be smoked – usually tobacco – is in liquid form, and inserted into the e-cig for consumption. The user can usually get several uses out of an e-cig before the vial of tobacco runs dry.

Benefits of Traditional Cigarettes:

  1. Aesthetic appeal.

Some people like the old-style glam of traditional cigarettes, or they just like how rugged a cigarette makes them look. Those seeking a traditional aesthetic go for traditional cigarettes.

Old habits die hard, and smoking is one that almost never dies. It can be difficult to break out of the cycle of smoking a cigarette to calm your nerves.

There are people who enjoy the smell of nicotine. They are few, but they actively enjoy it.

Downsides of Traditional Cigarettes:

  1. Visible, almost immediate effects on the human body.

Traditional cigarettes yellow your teeth and cause bad breath. After a few months, your nailbeds start to suffer and hair starts thinning.

It is universally recognized that tar and tobacco smell pretty gross together. Most people walking down the street don’t want to smell it.

  1. Harmful to bystanders.

Cigarette smoke can trigger asthma attacks or even cause those with otherwise weak lungs to have trouble breathing. This is unfair to everyone, but also makes it to where the smoker has to find a secluded corner to smoke.

Benefits of e-Cigs:

  1. Aesthetic appeal.

E-cigs are totally customizable. You want Hello Kitty’s face on yours? Have at it.

No smell, no complaints.

E-cigs can be a whole lot cheaper than cigarettes, which run at around $50 a carton. An e-cig base might cost $30 and a vial of juice could cost $10, but they last much longer.

      2.  Variety

There’s more room for tasteful variety with e-cigs. You’re not stuck with the tried and true bland tobacco taste, so you can switch it up with fruity green apple, coconut rum flavors or even e-liquid thc.

Drawbacks of e-Cigs:

  1. Side effects are relatively unknown.

There’s not much research yet, so the side effects are pretty unknown. Use at your own risk.

  1. Tobacco liquids can come from sketchy suppliers.

Without you making it yourself, there’s no way of knowing what’s in your e-cig juice. Very little regulation exists for this industry, so be careful.

  1. Can be pricier for nice models.

You get what you pay for, and deluxe models can run in the hundreds of dollars.