The Top 5 Benefits of Hemp Oil

hemp oilNatural oils and minerals have proven to be useful to humans since the advent of farming. Coconut oil keeps skin and hair soft, while serving as a delicious additive to baked goods. Olive oil staves off gross bacteria that gets us sick, moisturizes skin, and gives a glowing complexion. Hemp oil is another oil that has a plethora of benefits, the only difference is that it tends to be mistaken for cannabis oil, which is usually taken with a vaporizer.

The following list will show you the top 5 benefits of hemp oil.


  1. It’s delicious.

Coconut oil is awesome for baking and olive oil is an excellent dressing in and of itself. But for more complex things like savory vinaigrette and tart butters, hemp oil provides a little kick. It gives a nutty and tart nip to food, adding a little extra flavor to this world.


  1. It’s useful.

Hemp oil can be used in the production of paint and even used as fuel for vehicles with very little impact on the world around us. Its overall emissions are much lower than current production agents, and it’s cheaper to use hemp oil in mass production of things such as paints due to the higher costs of specialized chemicals. Did we mention that hemp oil has even been used to make plastic? That’s versatility.


  1. It’ll make your skin glow.

Hemp oil definitely gives coconut oil a run for its money in the moisturizing department. Other oils can be a little too slick or even too sticky to the surface of the skin. Plus, for people with skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema, many oils can irritate these conditions and cause nasty flare-ups. Hemp oil tends to be less sticky and increases blood flow if massaged on directly after a shower or sauna session.


  1. It supports your immune system.

Give your white blood cells a boost by ingesting hemp oil. The fatty acids in hemp seeds have been shown to increase the bacteria in your digestive system that work for your body’s greater good. This leads to increased protection by way of increased body defenses. And really, who wants to be a part of next year’s big flu epidemic?


  1. It gives you healthy nails and hair.

Obviously, it’s great at moisturizing skin. But continued usage of hemp oil has also shown stronger nailbeds and stronger hair in those who consumed it. The oil’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory aspects have a lot to do with this, since they moisturize the nail beds and hair follicles (places that many of us forget during our moisturizing routine).


Hemp oil doesn’t need to be demonized like it is today just because it comes from a plant with a negative reputation. The benefits of hemp seed oil far outweigh any possible negatives of it: it’s a healthy alternative to synthetic products, provides natural moisturizer, supports your body’s health, and it’s just plain delicious. Don’t deny yourself these benefits if you don’t have to; explore hemp oil and find out how it fits into your diet.  You can add it to your collection of healthy greens, when you’re thinking of buying weed online.