How to Buy CBD Oil (Weed) Online

Right now there are four states who consider marijuana both a recreational and medical substance and others who have legalized it for medicinal use, the stigma of pot use is on its way out.  And the best and legal way to buy cannabis right now is in CBD oil form.

Like during the repeal of Prohibition, some people may be slower to pick up the concept of using marijuana outside of an illegal context. But for the user, be they a recreational or medical user, legal marijuana-related activities such as cultivation, sales, and use have long been awaited. Here are some places where weed is legal for both recreational and medical use. And what you need to buy it per that state’s jurisdiction.

States And Their Jurisdiction To Buy Marijuana

Washington State Minimum age: 21 Where to buy: Retail shops licensed by Washington state. Bear in mind that internet sales of marijuana are still illegal since the state cannot regulate them. So be wary of e-retailers who say that their base is in Washington state. They could land you in a bit of trouble. Also be sure to carry cash. While many retailers have the ability to take debit cards, others take almost exclusively cash. And none can take credit cards due to federal regulations. All marijuana ordered in Washington must be consumed within the state.

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Oregon Minimum age: 21 Where to buy: Retail stores with an operating liquor license Oregon’s laws regarding marijuana are a little more lax than others. This is mainly because the attitude surrounding pot has been so lax since the founding of the state. In fact, marijuana wasn’t criminalized until 1932, and that was only because all of the other surrounding states had criminalized it too. Again, carry cash since it’s hard to tell if a vendor takes debit. And marijuana retailers cannot take credit cards pursuant to federal law.

Alaska Minimum age: 21 Where to buy: Almost anywhere Alaska, like Oregon, is a newcomer to the legal marijuana scene. So take advantage of that newness by seeking out online shops based in Alaska. As of writing this article the state hasn’t drafted a meaningful law concerning the sale of marijuana by online growers. If you plan on vacationing there to check out the beautiful wilderness while under the influence. Then make sure that you don’t smoke in public. That can land you with a very hefty $100 fine.

Colorado Minimum age: 21 Where to buy: Licensed retailers Colorado is the poster child for pot heads: it’s got mountains, great scenery, and a relatively liberal attitude towards marijuana usage. But buyer beware: not everyone in the state is okay with legalizing marijuana. Just don’t smoke in public and buy from licensed retailers, and enjoy! In all, there are very few ways to legally buy marijuana online. But there are plenty of ways to enjoy it in person and make a vacation out of it. As long as you abide by the state’s laws, you won’t find yourself in trouble over something as trivial as marijuana.  Cannabis oil, on the other hand, is legal in more places.